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Meet The Families
Held in reverence by the other bloodlines, they are claimed to be the intellectuals of the Sentinels. They possess non-bias opinions and computer like minds when it comes to confrontations and arguments. For this very reason they make excellent advisors and served as many right hands for infamous and respected leaders throughout history. Content to stay in the back ground, they influence those around them through words and suggestions. But this also comes as a problem to other bloodlines. Seeing them as calculating, many tend to keep a safe distance from their influence. This is why the Owl bloodline keep to themselves and rarely find significant others in other bloodlines. This bloodline often has those gifted in:
Higher Intelligence
Those of the Dragon Bloodline are unique all in their own. Being the only bloodline that has a significant connection with all three aspects of their power; Mind, Body, and Spirit, ther
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Sentinels Information Sheet
In ancient Babylon, after the time when the underworld gods had created the Maliki, creatures meant to serve those of evil intent, the gods chose priests and their families to carry out the deeds that they offered. These priests were told to come together, the gathered in the sacred middle ground, where no one was to do harm, and the gods spoke to them. They told them that their families are to watch over these objects, and in doing so, they would be gifted with advanced abilities, only known to gods and would deserve the title Sentinels, protecting all of mankind. The priests accepted and the gods gave them their powers. There is 13 Sacred Bloodlines, due to the 13 priests that took the offer: Owl, Dragon, Otter, Tiger, Fox, Stag, Lion, Snake, Horse, Elephant, Monkey, Bull, and Swan. The bloodlines for which are most connected to each god in their religion. The gods gave the head families, that they choose, the 3 tri
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Dance of Lust Ch.4
    Jeremiah loved the feel of the engine between his thighs. So many of his pack mates and co-workers tried to get him to stop riding, but no one understood why he continued. Because it was freedom and allowed him to think freely. He could think clearly and it gave him the ability to make rash decisions with a clear conscious.
    Like his decision to pursue Angela.
    Last night had shaken him. He had every intention of simply giving Angela the check with the amount he thought reasonable for the damages he caused during his fighting. But instead, with the smallest touch of her skin, his life had changed.
    His mate. He still couldn’t believe that the Amazon warrior was meant to be his. He had frequented the bar for the past three months because she was entrancing. She was beauty and steel wrapped together in such a decadent package. Yesterday night had meant to be the last time he went to
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Dance of Lust Ch.3
Angela walked through the double doors to the left of the bar and smiled as she looked out at her floor. She hadn’t slept. Spent the whole day looking for cheap, but decent replacement high tables and chairs. Spent the rest of the time painting them the closest shade to her oak booths as she could find and then arranged them how she felt. All in all, she believed that she did a great job. Plus she wouldn’t lose any revenue due to lack of seating, because there was more chairs than there was before.
“Well damn, I feel bad. Why didn’t you wake me up?” Cassie‘s voice came from behind Angela. She looked over her shoulder to see the bartender looking out over the floor before meeting her eyes.
Angela smiled as she turned around and approached the green eyed girl, “There wasn’t any need.” She gently grazed the smooth, unblemished cheek that had been a dark purple the night before. “I see that you were taken care of.”
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Jeremiah Derion by VixenAssassin Jeremiah Derion :iconvixenassassin:VixenAssassin 0 0 Angela Krodiyne by VixenAssassin Angela Krodiyne :iconvixenassassin:VixenAssassin 0 0 Cyril ATA by VixenAssassin Cyril ATA :iconvixenassassin:VixenAssassin 0 0 Ydite Goddess of Pleasure by VixenAssassin
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Xucdes God of War and Sacrifice by VixenAssassin Xucdes God of War and Sacrifice :iconvixenassassin:VixenAssassin 0 0 Syra Goddess of Light and Archery by VixenAssassin Syra Goddess of Light and Archery :iconvixenassassin:VixenAssassin 1 0 Peldea Goddess of Afterlife by VixenAssassin Peldea Goddess of Afterlife :iconvixenassassin:VixenAssassin 0 2 Neteus God of Health by VixenAssassin Neteus God of Health :iconvixenassassin:VixenAssassin 1 0 Nareus God of Justice by VixenAssassin Nareus God of Justice :iconvixenassassin:VixenAssassin 0 0 Femera Goddess of Vengance by VixenAssassin Femera Goddess of Vengance :iconvixenassassin:VixenAssassin 0 0
Dance of Lust Ch.2
    Angela shot a look between Jeremiah and her walkie-talkie. Though her nerves had soothed by her rash thinking, after she had tackled him, her instincts tugged at her trying to tell her that this had all been staged and that her mother was waiting down in her bar.
    “I swear to all the gods, mine and yours,” Angela hissed out as she moved towards him, hands at the ready, “that if this is a set up I will skin you, man and wolf.”
    Though Angela could only see masked amusement in the eyes of the detective, he held up his hands and nodded. Angela motioned for him to follow her, which he had no problem with since she heard his footsteps immediately following her own. It took maybe half a second for Angela to clear all the fire escape stairs, though it only five stories worth, it would have caused any human to become slowed down. Angela and Jeremiah jumped from platform to platform, not even gr
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Dance Of Lust Ch.1
    She was a liar. A bad one. No matter how many times she told herself she would let it be, she always ended up bringing it back onto herself. Leaning against the center bar of her small lounge, she watched her patrons. But, like always, there was a single man that drew her focus.
    And Angela despised him.
    Jeremiah, one of the supernatural detectives of Veil. Brown choppy hair that laid against his nape, gave him an edge look that kept all the men aware of who and what he is. His grey eyes always scanning and catching anyone’s gaze that would dare stare at him longer than necessary. He oozed danger and power, probably the only thing that kept him ahead of the killers that Veil seemed to attract. Tonight he sported a sort of jean jacket over a plain grey shirt, with his usual blue jeans and black boots.
    But what made her so pissed off to see him here was that she was hoping that she
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Hey yall!
So I have been by far busier than I have ever been during the summer. I have been working with my Uncle to renovate my parents house that they had just purchased. This past week I learned how to build a room from the studs out! I literally sweat my butt off (I'm lucky I have any left) and I learned a lot! But I hate tile! I hate it! It's the devil! frustrated 
Anyway, I am half way through another chapter of Dance of Lust and I will be updating my Warden Series with the character charts and more characters as well!

Plus I hate to admit, but Pokemon has taken it's toll on me. Meow :3 I honestly didn't think it would be this bad. I was glued to it when it had first came out on Gameboy and even worse on Gameboy Color, but on my phone is much worse! I am hopelessly addicted!
Go Team Mystic!

Have fun everyone!


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Amber R. Russell
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I am Amber, and I love, love, LOVE to write. I write mainly for pleasure, but I do some commissions. I write romance, fantasy, sci-fi and historical. I do some fanfic but rarley, unless a series has me totally hooked!

I love anything really. I especially love Supernatural, Game of Thrones, most anime, and a lot of books. I mainly read when I have the free time, but lately I've had too much, so I decided to come back to DA!

I had a previous account, but I left because I was trying to get started on my college career. I am a sophomore, currently, on my way to become a Forensic Psychology.

Anyway, that is basiclly me in a nutshell! I don't bite so I am always hoping to meet new people! Hit me up if you wanna chat!

Bye bye!


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